Wednesday, 18 October 2017

In the Moment magazine

In The Moment magazine is a monthly publication which will consider unsolicited fiction submissions.

"Short story submission guidelines

We don’t accept idea pitches but we are happy to receive ready written stories for consideration. The word length we require is 2,000-2,400 words. We are looking for fiction whereby the main protagonist is a woman (not a child), where the story is thought-provoking and moving and where there is a positive resolution (a ‘moving on’, a hope for better things to come) at the end of the story. As the story is featured in our ‘Take A Moment’ section we are looking for a poignant, calming read. We don’t mind if the story has been previously published or not.


We do accept pitches for features (not full articles) from freelance writers."

The email address is -

I'd like to add a few words of caution ... 

Firstly, this is a monthly magazine and won't be buying many stories. If they're flooded with submissions they won't be able to cope, so it's in not in anyone's interests for writers to send in a whole batch of submissions.

Secondly, although they'll consider previously published fiction, you must ensure you still hold the copyright. If you've sold the story anywhere which takes full rights, or are still within any exclusivity period (as required by almost all womags) then you can't submit that story.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Patsy. Good to hear of a new (to me at any rate) market for a change. Any info on rates of pay? (if any!!!)


Patsy said...

@ MD - It does seem like good news, doesn't it? They do pay, but apparently rates vary, so they preferred not to give me a figure.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Patsy. Rates vary? Depending on what, I wonder......?


Georgie Faye said...

Thanks Patsy

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the info, Patsy - much appreciated. Good wishes, Kate Hogan

Patsy said...

@ MD - It's quite common for mags to pay different amounts. Length and who writes it are the usual reasons.

@ Georgie and Kate - I'm glad this is useful.

Julie Day said...

This isn't what they posted to my query on their FB page. They said to send in ideas with a sample of my work, which I did. I have decided to give them a miss as I feel my writing style isn't suited to them. It's more Spirit & Destiny.

Patsy said...

There does seem to be some confusion over exactly what they do and don't want, Julie. If I get any further information I'll post it up.

Joanna said...

I had a story published in the third issue of this magazine and the general brief was for a piece that has some grittiness, but is also ultimately uplifting. This was quite hard to achieve and get a balance between the two.

Patsy said...

Thanks, Joanna - that's helpful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for all the info Patsy.

Re mags applying differing rates of pay to stories, yes, the length of a story would obviously have a bearing on the payment.

However, why should the source of a story make any difference to its monetary value? Should a story not stand on its own merits? If its a good story of publishable standard, why should it matter whether it comes from a writer with a lifetime's experience, or a novice?

I can see how a story from a celebrity/star author might attract a premium fee, but other than that, should there not simply be a flat rate for the job?