Thursday, 27 September 2012

People's Friend website and link to submission guidelines

Following on from yesterday's post, the new look People's Friend website is already available - here.

And it includes downloads of the submission guidelines for short stories, serials, poems and features - here.

It's a great looking website, and lovely to have the guidelines so easily available. Go check it out, everyone!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

People's Friend news

I had an email from Shirley Blair, the fiction editor of People's Friend, and she asked me to post the following on this blog. It's great news that PF will be buying even more stories, and I can't wait to see what the magazine's new look is like! And please note, soon there'll be revamped guidelines available on PF's own website. As soon as I know its address I'll post a link on here.

Over to Shirley;

Hi, Womagwriters.
I’ve been too busy to visit your blog lately, but I did catch up with it last week and saw a couple of threads that caught my interest, threads that I think I can help with. So if you don’t mind…
One is the subject of story lengths. And I’ll do this one first because it’s the area of the People’s Friend that’s undergone the greatest change...
That’s news, isn’t it?
In fact The People’s Friend’s just experienced a bit of a facelift! Our design team have been working really hard to refresh our look, and with extra pages and extra features we think we look fabulous. The results are revealed in our October 6 issue. We’re still us, though, with our familiar character and values. The best news for all you Womagwriters, though, is that the extra pages mean we can include more stories; we’ll have seven, a short story for every day of the week. Plus our usual two serials, of course.
Now, this change has seen us move to templates for our story pages, and that means we have pretty specific story length requirements (some of you have already heard this from me and have started passing on the news, thank you). They are now 1200 words, then anything in the range 2000 to 3000 (though 10% extra’s OK because we can cut to fit). That’s why some of you have been getting slightly odd requests from us to lengthen stories! All now becomes clear…!
Now, this is all purely about the weekly; for our specials our story lengths will continue to vary vastly in length from 1500 up to 4000 words, which I know is music to the ears of those of you who just love the chance to tell a longer story.  Again, 10% over’s OK and allows our lovely subs room for manoeuvre.
We’ve redesigned our writers’ guidelines, too, and they’ll go live on our new website this week, but I have to keep that address to myself just for the moment.
All these changes — it’s so exciting!
Next time I drop in, it’ll be to explain about response times.
(I really must get my own blog… Thanks for letting me visit!)
The People’s Friend